Youths in Policy Dialogue, Formulation & Review -Committee Inauguration

At this forum, our goal is – getting involved, and encouraging everyone else to not relent, in our efforts to promote awareness on the SDGs and the realisation of the UNESCO Operational Strategy for Youths (2014-2021) in Nigeria.

We believe that better policies would help us reach this goal, so we inaugurated a COMMITTEE ON POLICY DIALOGUE AND REVIEW.
Members of the committee are saddled with the responsibility of trying to get more youths involved in policy formulation, review , and dialogue.
They would engage in policy dialogues, research and development, as well as, carry out social analysis of existing policies (to see what’s working, and what’s not), and come up with methods which they believe to be best practices in policy formulation with youths.
We believe the members of this committee would bring the wealth of their experiences to bear, as they work to get this job done.

Yadoma Bukar Mandara is leader of the committee. She is an expert in enviromental issues, and was vice chairman, committee on environment at the 2014 Nigerian National Conference. She was the youngest delegate at the conference. Yadoma is a public servant and founder of YMBF, a foundation dedicated to assisting victims of Boko Haram insurgency.

Ekene Ikwelle is co-leader of the committee. He is UNESCO young leader on the culture of peace in Africa, and Chair of the Pan-African Youth Network for a Culture of Peace (PAYNCOP). He developed the YOUTH VANGUARD FOR PEACE, a program which focuses on promoting the concept of culture of peace, moral courage, and using peer approach in Nigerian schools, through the Centre for Youth Advocacy and Development.


Fatima Askira is a member of the committee. She is the co-founder of the BORNO WOMEN’S DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE, a civil society organization seeking to support the role of women in development and post-conflict rehabilitation efforts in North East Nigeria. She is an experienced peace building professional, and a strong advocate for youth involvement in peace building.

Nebo Obinna Collins is a member of the committe. He is the founder of NEW CENTURY INITIATIVE, a youth development non-profit organization, and THE YOUTH CAVEN a social media platform for amplifying the voice of young people.

ADEGOKE TOLUTOPE A. is a member of the committee. A prolific writer and speaker, he is the founder and director of GLOBALSTAGEIMPACTS (GSI).

Faboye Samson is a member of the committee. His ideology about the wider global world puts premium on cross cultural interaction to bring about universal harmony. He and his team of collaborators are currently researching THE REFUGEE PROJECT, a theme from the European immigrant crises.

Odunze Eberechukwu Caleb is a member of the committee. A passionate youth leader, his peace campaign has earned him recognition from various quarters, including the United Nations Headquarters in New York. His interests include development and emancipation of young people.

Since two good heads are better than one, we reckon there’s something to be said for more good heads working to reach a goal!
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  1. Posted by Orekoya Oluwadamilare Hussein Reply

    I am very happy to see young minds with great achievements. It is worthy of emulation. Kudos. I am also a very strong supporter of the SDGs, particular about Clean water and Sanitation with a strong focus on environmental sustainability. I founded a registered NGO, “MyEnvironmentIsMineInitiative” with the aim to improve how best we care about clean, healthy and sustainable environment.

    Thank you!.

    • Posted by admin Reply

      Kudos to you on your achievements. Do you know can share stories and events gallery of your civic contribution to environmental sustainability? If no, visit our YCE Portal or follow this link

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