UPDATE: Site Upgrade & Data Loss

Greetings Cohorts,

We regret to announce that in the course of upgrading our systems to serve you better, we lost some data due to unforeseen circumstances.
Hence, you may notice the following:

  1. Change in login credentials – simply reset your password with your registered email or if unavailable kindly register again.
  2. Lost content such as comment, photo or related profile information -please forgive us and join us on future discussions and comment and share our content.
  3. Missing website posts. Some of our most recent posts were lost.

Please note that this was in no way a cyber-attack but some technical issues faced in the course of upgrading the server. We have put in measures to avoid a repeat such event in the future. Also, we working on retrieving as much as possible missing data on our server. While we do so, it may interest you to know that you can be of help.

How you can help.

You can help us recover through the following means:

  1. Check on friends who are registered with us and encourage them to verify their accounts.
  2. Feel free to contact us via Facebook Messenger or IG to discuss any challenge you might have with your account.
  3. Invite friends and youth to register on our platform.

Kindly accept our sincere apologies and utmost gratitude in having you online.

David Osaghae
National Working Council

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