#NotTooYoungToRun Bill -Youths Priority in Nigeria

A discussion thread on the #NotTooYoungToRun Bill will be taking place on our website, you can discuss and raise questions on the bill and way forward for Nigeria youths, expectations and other modalities through this thread.

Executives of the UNESCO Youth Forum Nigeria and other Volunteers will be moderating the process. You may suggest questions as sub-threads to the moderators as well.

Invite friends and youths to partake in the discussion.


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  1. Posted by kayuz Reply

    Young Nigerians march to protest against age barriers on political posts in Abuja, on July 25, 2017. Hundreds of young Nigerians marched towards the country’s parliament on Tuesday, calling for lawmakers to remove age barriers on political posts, including the presidency.
    Nigeria’s 1999 constitution stipulates that the president has to be at least 40, while senators and state governors have to be aged 35 or above.

    Have they by any means give a listening hear to us, These same set of people are the ones that normally comes to our door steps begging for vote whenever election is approaching, Reciting poems of promise to us while we give them our attentive hear. They will even distribute one bag of rice for like hundred people to cajole them to cast their vote for them. What could have been the problem and the necessary solution. Do we need to keep increasing the volume of our voice.

    I suggest we keep voicing out, not leaving/neglecting the elders who had witnessed the era of the government ruled by the youths below the ages stipulated in the 1999’s constitution. These youths performed beyond measure. Few out of their achievements is to curb corruption, construction of standard roads, Payment of civil servants salaries, wages and retiree’s pension as at when due, Provision of basic amenities for the citizen, Exportation of Agricultural products, Investments and establishment of industries that provides job for vast number of youths. These are the things that has earn us respect, helps human resource development etc. It is on most of these past achievements that the present generation are leaning on.
    These are the reasons why we need to stand and protest consistently till our right is released to us. Even if it involves organizing the protest at different zones of the nation, and implementing other strategies. Thanks

  2. Posted by Aborisade Adetola Reply

    Problem of youth leadership in Nigeria is elite conspiracy, what are the plans on board to emancipate ourselves from their jugular.

    • Posted by kayuz Reply

      My brother, you are right we have greedy youths, but there greediness can only work in a system that permits it, So lets fasten our belt and leave the fear of the unknown. Another thing is that plans are ongoing already by some volunteered youths, thats why this platform was opened for us to contribute. So I assure you that this will work only if our youths will realize that they have been sleeping and start a new thinking and action series today, not tomorrow.

  3. Posted by Adeniyi Aderounmu Reply

    It’s a good development, just that majority of the present day youth are greedy. How are we so sure they won’t be corrupt, even worse than those there presently? That’s my fear….

    • Posted by kayuz Reply

      Serious work is going underneath to ensure some greedy youths will not waste our efforts, All we need to do now is to come together and be united and deliberate more on how this can be achieved. And that starts from me and you

      • Posted by Adeniyi Aderounmu Reply

        That will be nice. Together we can do a lot

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