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  1. Posted by Najeeb Reply

    A big Congratulations

    • Posted by admin Reply

      Thank yo Najeeb, the collective effort of the Nigerian youth is crucial in building a culture of civic engagement/global citizenship.

    • Posted by OsaghaeMDO Reply

      Yes it is!!

  2. Posted by kayuz Reply

    This would set the landmark for the revolution we’ve been longing . If there is a strong cooperation from the federal government and dedications from the youth which I’m very sure would be triggered.

  3. Posted by Adegoke Tolulope Reply

    Awesome! This is a huge turn up and we are grateful for it. It would help solve a lot of issue for a stronger and more united and coordinated nation. We [youth] look forward for more cooperation internally and externally. Thank you!

  4. Posted by Treasure Reply

    good! a good turning point for youth

  5. Posted by Valentine2smart Reply

    I think this is indeed a turning point

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