2016 General Recruitment Update (Final)

We wish to thank everyone who applied to the 1st General Volunteers Recruitment exercise. However, we do not have the capacity to take the thousands of volunteers who applied. We have notified those who made the short-list while some others are kept in view.

For those who did not make the shortlist, please note that this is not in any way a reflection of your performance/evaluation. We are confident your zeal for community development would come in handy in other exercises. 


We apologise for the previous glitch in our mail server which forwarded most of our messages to the spam box of applicants. We have resolved this glitch and our IT Team would keep an eye out for reviews and report of any unresolved issue. 

Please register on our website and stay updated on the happenings in the forum. We would make known to the public via this website when the 2017 General Recruitment and Targeted Recruitment Exercise would begin.

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